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We believe that schoolchildren can only be provided with targeted, effective tutoring and coaching if there is a guarantee that problems and requirements can be catered for on an individual basis.

This is why all our lessons take place on aone-to-oneor one-to-twobasis.

We offer the following languages: French, English, Latin, German, and German as a foreign language (other subjects on request). Levels: Primary to A-level equivalent.

Lessons are based on set courseworkandadditional materials such as workbook, classwork exercises, vocabulary programs, the internet, foreign-language newspapers, etc..

We prepare students specifically for class tests and final exams, repeating and reinforcing current topics. If necessary, homework is set to reinforce the content of the lessons.

Lessons last 60 minutes and we recommend 2 lessons per week.

Our aim is not only to improve the students' results, but also to tackle their working methods and ensure that they continue to succeed at school in the long term.

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